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Move order

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The move order in Chip's Challenge is the order of "turns" made by (movable) objects. The way moves are processed is similar between Lynx and Steam, which differ greatly from MS.



Chip and enemies make their moves one after the other, not at the same time. The below list may not be completely accurate, but should serve as a solid guideline for when things act in relation to each other. Note that the points in time that one might intuitively consider to be move boundaries—the relatively large periods of time during which little to nothing happens—are not what MSCC considers internally to be the move boundaries, which are defined to be the points at which the timer ticks down.

  1. The sliplist executes first under normal conditions, before anything else.
  2. Chip's voluntary move processes next, if one is made at any point in the first half of the move window, followed by any involuntary (sliding) moves at the half-move boundary.
  3. The sliplist then executes a second time.
  4. Chip can then make a voluntary move if he has either not yet moved in this move, or has completed an involuntary move. This behavior is why rapid 10 m/s boosting sequences can exist in the MS ruleset. MSCC initiates mouse clicks here, while Tile World resolves mouse clicks at this time under all circumstances, as of 1.3.2 and 2.2.
  5. Chip's involuntary move is then executed, if necessary, just before the following move.
  6. Monster voluntary moves are processed last, at the very end of each move. This is why monsters that stop sliding will sometimes seem to move again too soon- the sliplist executes, dropping the monster onto acting floor, and when the move ends the monster will immediately move, if able.
  7. If Chip has completed an involuntary move with the mouse in MSCC, then his voluntary move at the beginning of the next move occurs before the sliplist. His involuntary move will still resolve at the standard time.

The fact that monsters and Chip move on separate turns is what causes Chip to be unable to pass through a space between two monsters that are moving the other way through that tile.