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Hi I'm me[edit]

  • I'm Jeffrey Bardon, aka Ihavenoname248. I started bringing the wiki up to date with the new infoboxes, adding in Lynx specific information and bold complexity rankings to CC1 and CCLP2 levels.
  • I led the CCLP4 staff alongside Josh Lee!
  • I've completed all four official CC1 sets in both MS and Lynx, as well as CC2. I even streamed CC1, CCLP1, CCLP3 and CC2, taking 5 hours (continuous), 8.5 hours (blind, continuous), 28.5 hours (blind, unaided, over the course of a month) and 13.5 hours (blind, continuous) respectively.
  • I've been working on my scores for the CC1 sets- currently 3rd in CC1, 1st in CCLP1 and 2nd in CCLP4. I haven't finished optimizing CCLP2, CCLP3, or CC2 yet. My current total MS bold count is 683 and counting.
  • I'm modeling this format after Miika's page because I liked it.
  • I also play in Lynx. I've optimized about 70% of CCLP1 and a little bit of the other sets, but nothing too major. I believe I'm 2nd in CCLXP2 (out of 3) and 4th in CCLP1 Lynx, but these are more by default than due to any effort on my part.
  • I also design a lot of levels! I have five sets that are (best one) numbered, a couple older sets that I don't like to acknowledge the existence of, a ruleset-specific set and a CC2 set.
  • And since then I've released two more sets, the first of which is numbered and the second is easily my best work to date.

Scores and stuff[edit]