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Sharpeye468, also known as SharpeyeTheCrazy, is a relatively new Chipster who got his start in the community by rediscovering Chip's Challenge thanks to a friend who recommended the Steam version to him. Sharpeye has a weird atmosphere to him which to most is devoid of all logic, including a sworn hatred for any level that is deemed as “too long” by his standards. His skill and persistence as an optimizer has allowed him to shoot up the Chip's Challenge 1 and Chip's Challenge 2 bold count leaderboards relatively quickly given his late start in both.


As with most Chipsters, Sharpeye got his start in the Chip's Challenge game with an old Windows 95 computer. He never made it past Blobnet and was too stubborn to skip past the level as a child. Even with his inability to play through any level past he enjoyed watching his dad play through and beat many of the game’s levels.

When Sharpeye got back into the game thanks to Steam, he discovered that Blobnet was made to be a lot easier thanks to the animations and in 2017, many years after failing to complete the level on his own, Sharpeye was finally able to make it past the dreaded level. With some determination and a little help from the CC1 solutions uploaded by Zane Kuecks, Sharpeye was able to soldier through the levels until he completed Chip's Challenge 1 in its entirety on January 20th, 2018.


Upon completion of the first game, Sharpeye began into Chip's Challenge 2 and, with a scoreboard in place for the game, began optimizing it. He put together an interesting set of scores which he slowly improved. His first confirm for the game was Desert Oasis, where he confirmed J.B. Lewis's time of 180 seconds from the day after the release of the game. His first new record in the game was a ridiculous fluke one second improvement on Flip-Flop, where he was the first person to ever score a time of 113 seconds.

Upon reaching Antarctica in CC2, Sharpeye was a little tired of the game and began a new foray of optimization in Chip's Challenge 1. His original plan was to have a report of one bold for each official level pack to complete what he referred to as a "full house." However, his plans soon changed as he began reporting many bolds in the original level set of the game. He started with the shorter levels and later demolished difficult levels such as Force Field, Rink, and Oversea Delivery. He perplexed many optimizers by getting ridiculous luck based bolds such as Monster Lab, The Monster Cages, and Lead Us Not into Temptation.

As Sharpeye continued into the game he asked for assistance from many different members of the community and referred to them as coaches. Zane Kuecks was useful for individual level suggestions while James Anderson ended up giving Sharpeye a list of bolds commonly referred to as the James List. Upon completing the list, Sharpeye reported the scores on January 27th, 2019 - but threw in a few extra scores, including the bold confirm for the level Loop, another completely luck based level.

After completing the list, Sharpeye slowed his pace through the game and began learning one of the most difficult optimization levels in CC1, Doublemaze. He slowly made progress through the level, taking a break to report his first new record in Chip's Challenge Level Pack 1 - another ridiculous one second improvement that only arose because another player mentioned that they were playing through Elevators, causing Sharpeye to take his first look at the level and score the first ever time of 958 seconds in both rulesets.

On February 14th, 2019, Sharpeye became the first player ever to complete a perfect run of Doublemaze and revealed his new bold time with a video called “Hunt Bold Reveal” with a clickbait style thumbnail to lead people to believe that he had finally vanquished his enemy after refusing to get the Hunt bold for his entire optimization career. The few who watched the video kept it a secret until Sharpeye reported the bold which let those who didn’t watch it know about the time.

Allegations of cheating[edit]

On March 5th, 2019 a new chapter was written in the story of Sharpeye. The great James Anderson formally requested a TWS viewing for reasons unbeknownst to Sharpeye. Little did anyone know that this would turn into one of the greatest stories of redemption and glory known to the chips community today. Sharpeye quickly rallied the community to help him in his tale appointing the great Cowman as his mock lawyer in the ensuing trial.

Demand for a live stream[edit]

It started out as a tame and friendly exchange of TWS files for verification purposes but the malicious intents would rear their ugly head quickly. In a stunning turn of events James requested a stream of Doublemaze, and nothing else would appease his incredible hunger. It quickly became apparent that James would be the antagonist in this story and earned him the title of general auditor, meaning that Sharpeye would have to rally even more members to his aid. The community was swift in their reply with Tyler Sontag volunteering as head of the smear campaign and all things PR related, along with Josh Lee who became the head of nutrition.

Stuck with options for improving, Sharpeye turned to Zane Kuecks as for coaching assistance once again. With his team behind him, Sharpeye spent the next two days prepping and training for the doublemaze show, but even then he wasn’t prepared for what the auditor would give him. A mere one hour before the stream was set to begin on March 7th, 2019, antagonist Anderson laid out a few more tricks for Sharpeye to have to accommodate in the stream, including the installation of a keylogger. Fearing for his life as a chipster, Sharpeye obliged and made the required changes, going live and embarking on his quest for freedom and continued membership. With the world watching, Sharpeye executed the incredibly difficult Doublemaze bold to perfection having a reaction known to some as “the weirdest pop-off of all time”.

Other unreasonable demands[edit]

However, realizing that the show must go on, auditor Anderson wasn’t done. In quick succession he forced Sharpeye to relearn Chip's Checkers and stream it live to the audience. Incredulous, Sharpeye agreed and in front of his loyal and loving fans, executed the bold to perfection yet again. Basking in the glory of the moment, Sharpeye thought that he had complete his task and successfully defeated the heinous auditor… but it wasn’t meant to be. Our antagonist had one more trick up his sleeve, which he revealed in three simple words: "Split Path bold". Sharpeye shuddered but agreed to it for his optimizing life was in jeopardy. In what felt like hours, Sharpeye took a look at his Split Path 210 TWS and quickly began relearning the route. What happened next could only be described as the miracle of chips, as Sharpeye once again beat the expectations of the cruel auditor and pulled off 210 perfectly.


It was over, the beast was dead. The cruel tyrant Anderson could only stare on in disbelief as Sharpeye had jumped through his hoops, and was now celebrating with the onlookers. James could only stammer out “but how?” before collecting himself and rejoicing that the community wouldn’t have to deal with the black eye of the ban. With all said and done, Sharpeye thanked the viewers for tuning in and witnessing history before turning off the stream to continue the discussion with the auditor. In the end, it was determined that Sharpeye legitimately achieved his bolds and was allowed to keep his title of optimizer and continue his positive relations with the community.

Sharpeye continues filling out his scorecard and upping his bold count for CC1, but recognizes that many of the levels are quite long and “Sharpeye-proof” so he spreads them out over a longer period of time to keep from burning out. He continues to play through and optimize CC2 on top of that, as well as get the occasional bold from the other level packs as well.

Level design[edit]

As far as level design goes, Sharpeye tends to stay away from the creation of levels in both CC1 and CC2. He creates a few levels and gives out ideas for levels, but stays from delving too deeply into full levelsets and themed levels.


  • Sharpeye enjoys making jokes where he can. One of his favourites is the banned use of logic no matter what the situation is.
  • The Hunt bold is a sworn enemy to Sharpeye thanks to an unknown issue between the two.
  • As of April 4th, 2020, Sharpeye has 13 bold confirms, 5 new bolds, and 1 partial confirm across all official level sets.
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