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Tyrethali Ansrath

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Tyrethali Ansrath is a very well-known level designer, and one of the first; but less well-known as a member of the community. "Tyrethali Ansrath" is a pseudonym and their real name remains unknown.

Their levels generally stay within the very easy to medium-difficult range, often incorporating mazes, easy-to-navigate puzzles, invisible walls and other invisible obstacles, pictorial constructions including the CCLP2 level Spy, and very accessible construction. Because of this appealing nature, 32 of their 108 levels achieved spots in CCLP2, the most of any designer included in the set. Even though they haven't made any levels since the release of CCLP2, their level Lazy Hourglass got into CCLP3.

Their level set, TyreA1, also contains some made-up locations such as Elvander and Aganorak, and also has three adjacent levels modeled after other Windows Entertainment Pack games - namely Minesweeper, Jezzball, and TetraVex.

Levels in official packs[edit]